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Democracy Fellow Intership

January 12, 2018

Democracy Fellow Intership

We are currently seeking 2 Democracy Fellows to assist with voter engagement efforts on campus. We are looking to have students selected by Feb. 1. Students would be paid a $1200 stipend and would be expected to work 10-15 hours / week during winter and fall 2018. Interested students should send resumes directly to me, at

As a fellow, you will have the opportunity to work with administrative and faculty partners. You will work with the on-campus team to complete the four planning steps of students learn student vote checklist, created to build power and ensure success. You will also be responsible for meeting deadlines and carrying out nonpartisan voter engagement activities related to the Voter Friendly Campus program on your campus.      

 • Responsibilities and Goals:      

    o Participate in writing a voter engagement plan including meeting planning deadlines and being an active spokesperson

    o Carry out voter registration and voter education activities on campus. This includes:  

            § Informing your peers about registration and election deadlines    

            § Providing information about issues and candidates on the ballot    

            § Engaging students as voters and voter advocates for their peers  

     o Complete timesheets and check-ins with campus allies and with CVP staff to ensure fellows are on                                                                                                                                     track and getting the support they need to carry out voter engagement efforts.

     o Complete two leadership and voter engagement webinars put on by Campus Vote Project  

             § Fellows will also be asked to participate in 3 out of 4 discussion blocks related to grassroots organizing and voting rights issues.      

     o Participate in skills-building and historical-context discussion blocks. Write reflections on your work and the program.   

     o Opportunity to attend a Student Voter Summit in your state to learn new skills, discuss issues, and network with other students and organizations passionate about youth voter           engagement.

CVP is proud to support the program by conducting regular check-ins with fellows and administrator and faculty partners. CVP also produces student voting guides, voting information posters, and draft email, social media, and website content that can be used by fellows during the program.    


     -$1200 stipend paid in 4 installments throughout the year. (A total of $500 for the first semester and $700 for the second semester)      

     -Fellows should be prepared to spend 10-15 hours per week on the program during the spring and fall semesters. 
CVP is a project of the Fair Elections Center, a national, nonpartisan voting rights, legal support and election reform organization.

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