Emily Brown

Emily Brown

At GVSU, I majored in political science and minored in international relations and philosophy. I was also a dual-degree student in Poland and Hungary as part of the GVSU STAIR program. Since graduating from GVSU in 2011, I moved to Washington, D.C. when I was accepted as a graduate student at American University's School of International Service. I graduated with my M.A. in Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs, with a concentration in human rights and social justice, in May 2014. 

In March of 2013, I began working at the U.S. Department of State as a Pathways intern. Once I completed my Masters, I was able to convert to a full-time position and continued working on international parental child abduction cases in the Bureau of Consular Affairs. A year ago, I transferred to the Secretary's Office of Global Women's Issues where I work as a Foreign Affairs Officer. I work on foreign policy around gender equality to advance the status of women and girls around the world.

The classes, professors, and opportunities at GVSU helped to prepare me for my current path in very important ways. Through the study abroad programs I participated in, I learned the importance of seizing upon opportunities and experiences that may seem challenging and potentially out of my comfort zone; those opportunities have continued to pay off for me in a variety of ways because I took the risk. 

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