Quinlyn Mork

Grand Rapids Paralegal Volunteers with Iraqi Refugee Community

Elena Szost

Economic Development Consultant

Ellyanne Rosenthal

Global Mobility Partner - Europe

Haley Gerlofs

Refugee Resettlement Worker with Bethany Christian Services, now working for the American Red Cross

Jennifer Ventimiglia

Peace Corps Volunteer and Fulbright Scholar Now Studying Education at U.C. Berkeley

Claudia Hasbun

Global Law Scholar at Georgetown University Law School Secures Position with London Law Firm

Sam Stephenson

Member of U.S. Air Force, Graduate of the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California

Brendan Sawyer

Studying at Wayne State Law School

Mario Amaya-Velazquez

Amaya Appointed to Development Analyst Position with the Obama Foundation

Steven Richardson

Travel Assistance Coordinator for Youth For Understanding

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