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STU 1.0

  1. Policy Statement
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Policy Statement


Standards of conduct are established in order to foster a community and environment where the mission, vision and values of Grand Valley State University (hereafter “University”) can flourish. These standards are embodied within a set core of values that include integrity, community, inclusion & equity, respect, and responsibility.  The University conduct process exists to protect the interests of the community and to challenge those whose behavior falls outside of these values and our policies.

Students should be aware that the University conduct process is different from and independent of any civil or criminal action.  Further, this process may proceed notwithstanding the occurrence or possibility of legal prosecution, as the University conduct process is not intended to be substituted for criminal prosecution should such prosecution be appropriate.


The Board of Trustees has adopted and published its statement of  Values for the University on the University Policies website.


1.3.1 Authority to Establish Standards of Conduct: The Board of Trustees in BOT 5.10 has delegated the authority to establish “The Student Code, which contains the rules, regulations, and conduct process of the institution, is approved by the president upon recommendation of the appropriate student services administrator.”


The Student Code and the University conduct process apply to the conduct of individual students and all Registered Student Organizations: 

  • Student: For the purposes of these procedures, the term “student” shall mean a person who is taking courses at the University, either full-time or part-time, pursuing undergraduate, graduate, or professional studies, both degree and non-degree seeking, enrolled in non-credit courses and programs, who has accepted an offer of admission to the University, who withdraws after allegedly violating the Student Code, who is on leave of absence from the University, or who is not officially enrolled for a particular term but has a continuing relationship with the University. 
  • Registered Student Organization: For the purposes of this Student Code, the term “Registered Student Organization” (RSO) shall mean any group whose membership consists of students currently enrolled at the University, that is registered with the Office of Student Life.  Persons functioning on behalf of a Registered Student Organization, the Registered Student Organization and its representatives whether they are elected, appointed, or serve as volunteers may be held collectively and individually responsible for violations. Registered Student Organizations may be charged with violations without regard to whether members of such organizations are individually charged with violations arising from the same misconduct.  Registered Student Organizations are also subject to the policies and procedures of the Office of Student Life.

The Student Code applies to conduct that occurs on property owned or controlled by the University; at University sponsored activities; at functions, activities, or events hosted by Registered Student Organizations, on or off campus; and other off-campus conduct that adversely affects the University community and/or the pursuit of the University mission.


The University Policies page found at  www.gvsu.edu/policies/ is the official source for University-wide administrative policies approved by the Senior Leadership Team and/or Board of Trustees. 

Additional policies applicable to the procedures herein include:

The Department of Public Safety publishes the GVSU Annual Security and Fire Safety Report, available on line at  www.gvsu.edu/gvpd/.


The University reserves the right to change policies and procedures any time during a student’s term of enrollment. Each student is responsible for maintaining current knowledge of disciplinary rules and regulations. 

1.6.1 Change in Time Frame: In its sole discretion, the University may extend time frames identified in these policies and procedures.


Section 3 Student Conduct Procedures  outlines the procedures related to this policy.

For a summarized, visual overview of the University conduct process, please click here.