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Regular Faculty Salary Administration

BOT 4.2.20

Policy Statement

4.2.20 Salary Administration

1. Compensation Service. Compensation rates for faculty will normally be set on an academic year basis except for library faculty or other faculty on a 12-month appointment. A compensable pay period will be any period when one has fulfilled all of their assigned responsibilities. For all or any part of such period when a faculty member has failed to meet the requirements of compensable service they will incur a proportionate forfeiture at the per day rate of 1/190 of their academic year rate or in the case of faculty on a 12-month appointment 1/260 of their annual rate. Faculty on an academic year pay basis, who terminate prior to the end of the academic year will be paid 1/2 of their base academic year rate for each full academic term of service. Faculty who terminate during an academic semester will be paid 1/190 of their academic year rate for each day of completed service during that semester. There are normally 95 payroll days during each semester including vacation and holidays. University contributions to all benefit plans shall be on the basis of base academic year rate or, in the case of faculty 12-month appointment, on base annual rate. Faculty on academic year appointments may elect to have their base salary paid over 9 or 12 months in semi-monthly installments starting with the first pay period of the fall semester. For purposes of Section 4.2.20, the academic year or fiscal year begins August 6.

2. Starting Rates. Starting rates for faculty will be administratively set within the approved salary range for the position by the appointing officer in consultation with the Human Resources Office. The minimum rate will normally apply for new faculty possessing qualifications not significantly above the minimum required. Additional allowances above the minimum may be made for completion of all course work toward the doctorate except the dissertation, completion of the doctorate, and for each year of full-time teaching at the level of instructor or above at a four-year, baccalaureate degree granting institution or above or equivalent professional experience. Exceptions to this policy because of special market conditions or within highly specialized fields must be approved in advance by the Provost/Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs.

3. Extra Compensation. Extra compensation, except as provided in Section (Alternate Service), is determined as follows:

A. For extra semester situations for faculty on academic year appointments extra compensation shall be calculated according to the following method:

1. For 1 through 6 equivalent contact hours, 3.33 percent of the individual's academic year's base salary per equivalent contact hour or 10.0 percent for 3 credits.

2. All additional credits are at a minimum of $1000.00 per credit.

In this section, an equivalent contact hour, as defined in the full-time teaching load definition, is equal to one contact hour taught in lecture, discussion or lecture-discussion format; two equivalent contact hours are equal to three contact hours taught in laboratory or studio format.

B. Faculty who teach courses outside of and in addition to their normal full-time responsibilities shall be paid extra compensation at a minimum of $1000.00 per credit hour per semester. This amount shall be appropriately prorated for teaching more than or less than three credits or where responsibility is shared with other faculty.

Faculty teaching courses off-campus shall be reimbursed for actual and reasonable expenses above those normally associated with transportation to and from the University in accordance with the University travel policy.

C. Extra compensation for faculty for mutually agreed upon situations outside of normal faculty workload shall be determined by the Appointing Officer with the approval of the Provost/Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs.

4. Pay Adjustments. Salary advancement within the salary range for the same position will be based on an annual assessment of faculty performance in each of the evaluation criteria. Faculty must provide to their unit head the Faculty Workload Plan (FWP) and Faculty Workload Report (FWR) in advance of the annual review. Other factors for salary adjustment may include compression and market. Adjustments will normally take effect at the beginning of each academic year, or if appropriate, each fiscal year.

5. Promotional Increments. Faculty on full-time appointments who are promoted shall receive, in addition to their regular salary increase, the indicated promotion increment or no less than the minimum of the salary range of the new rank if the combination of the regular increase and the promotion increment fall below the minimum. Faculty on part-time appointments shall receive a pro rata promotion increment proportional to their appointment.

Refer to the Promotional Increments table.