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Classroom Removal Policy

STU 11.0

  1. Policy Statement
  2. Procedures

Policy Statement

11.1 Initiating Classroom Removal
In the event an instructor believes a student is engaging in disruptive conduct during a class, the faculty member may ask the student to leave the class immediately. If the student refuses 
to leave, the faculty member should call the Department of Public Safety promptly to request assistance. The faculty member should notify OSSCR immediately upon the conclusion of the class session. 

11.2 Procedures
Upon notification by the instructor, a CRF will work with the instructor to assess the level of severity of the conduct. After consultation with the CRF, the faculty member may choose to meet with the student to convey expectations regarding future classroom conduct. If the faculty member chooses this option, the meeting with the student should be conducted before the next session of the class. This meeting with the student may be done together with the CRF.

If the faculty member believes the disruptive conduct warrants removing the student from the class for the balance of the semester, the faculty member will submit a written summary of the circumstances to OSCCR to initiate the expedited conduct procedures outlined in Article 9 Interim Measures of the Statement on Student Rights and Responsibilities. 


Section 6.0 - Conduct Process and Resolution Procedures outlines the procedures related to this policy.

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