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Interim Measures

STU 9.0

  1. Policy Statement
  2. Procedures

Policy Statement

9.1 Criteria for Interim Measures
If the Vice Provost for Student Affairs (or designee), determines that a student/UAO poses a continuing and significant threat to persons or property and/or is an immediate or ongoing threat of disrupting the academic and/or administrative operations of the University, the Vice Provost for Student Affairs may take such immediate interim measures appropriate to the circumstances. 

9.2 Interim Measures
Interim measures may include, but are not limited to: 

9.2.1 Relocation
Relocating the student to another University owned or operated housing facility or removing the student from any University owned or operated housing facility. 

9.2.2 Restricted Access
Restricting the student’s access to specific locations on University property, such as a dining hall, recreation facility, or library. 

9.2.3 Schedule Adjustment
Adjusting the student’s course schedule. 

9.2.4 Participation Prohibition
Prohibiting participation in University programs, activities, and services. 

9.2.5 Suspension 
Temporarily suspending the student from the University, including all classes. 

All interim actions must have a predetermined interim action end date unless changed through the formal conduct resolution process.  In the case of suspension from the University, the end date shall be no longer than ten (10) business days, unless the Vice Provost for Student Affairs (or designee), in limited circumstances, determines an extension is appropriate. 

9.3 Interim Process
Upon the decision of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs (or designee), that a student meets the criteria herein, OSCCR will follow the following expedited procedure. 

9.3.1 Notice
The student/UAO will be sent notice of the interim action immediately upon the Vice Provost for Student Affairs (or designee) decision. This notice will be sent through University email and will be deemed received effective upon sending. This notice will also include the date, time, and location of the meeting with a University CRF and an explanation of the basis for the decision. This meeting must be scheduled within five (5) business days of the interim action. 

9.3.2 Meeting with Conflict Resolution Facilitator
During this meeting, the student/UAO will be presented with the information on which the decision was based and will be allowed to present their understanding of the circumstances. Neither the student/UAO nor the CRF will call or question witnesses. The student/UAO may be accompanied by one (1) support person. 

9.3.3 Resolution
The CRF will determine whether or not there is a basis for cancellation or continuation of the interim action. If the CRF concludes it is appropriate to continue the interim action beyond the initial schedule, the student/UAO may accept the decision or choose to as defined in Section 6À0 Conduct Process and Resolution Procedures.


Section 6.0 - Conduct Process and Resolution Procedures outlines the procedures related to this policy.

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