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Regular Faculty Initial Appointment

BOT 4.2.6

Policy Statement

4.2.6 Initial Appointment

Normally, new regular faculty appointed to a tenure track position shall be on probation. The initial probationary appointment may be awarded for three or four years, subject to renewal except as indicated below. All terms and conditions of appointment not specifically covered in these policies will be covered in the initial letter of appointment.

When a candidate who is pursuing an appropriate doctorate and has attained all-but-dissertation status (ABD) is hired as a tenure-track faculty member in a position for which the doctorate is required, that person will be hired at the rank of Instructor or Assistant Professor. The initial appointment will be for two (2) years and will be extended for an additional two (2) years upon completion of the degree as provided in this paragraph. The faculty member will have three semesters, not counting Spring/Summer, to produce an official transcript showing that the degree has been completed. Absent proof, the fourth semester, not counting Spring/Summer, will be the terminal semester.

If the person is hired at Instructor rank, his/her status will be changed to Assistant Professor as soon as an official transcript showing attainment of the degree is presented. Time spent at the Instructor rank will count towards tenure and promotion. While at ABD status, the teaching load shall not be more than 18 hours per year for a nine-month faculty member or 24 hours per year for a 12-month faculty member. Any exceptions to this Section 4.2.6 must be approved by the Provost.