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Regular Faculty - Kinds of Regular Academic Appointments

BOT 4.2.3

Policy Statement

4.2.3 Kinds of Regular Academic Appointments

  1. Probationary Appointments. Probationary appointments are one, two, three or four year appointments which are renewable for a defined period of time at the end of which the appointees will be given an appointment with continuous tenure or the appointment will not be renewed.
  2. Tenured. Appointments with continuous tenure do not occur automatically but are awarded by the University upon the recommendation of the appropriate College or University Libraries Personnel Committee.
  3. Honorary Faculty. This is an honorary appointment applicable to persons who are not employed by the University, but serve students such as in clinical settings.
  4. Distinguished Professor. Distinguished Professors are faculty members appointed by the University President. These appointments are at-will. Appointees have the right to terminate their employment at any time with or without cause or notice. Likewise, the University may terminate the appointment with or without cause or notice as it deems appropriate. All terms and conditions of employment shall be stated in the appointment letter. These appointments are without tenure and will not lead to tenure. Therefore, Sections 4.2.5- 4.2.17 and 4.2.25 (related to renewal, promotion, tenure, probation, reduction in force, discipline, discharge, sabbatical, etc.) do not apply to these appointments.
  5. Academic Appointments not covered by this Section. Those persons assigned to adjunct or other non-regular positions are not covered by Sections 4.2.1-4.2.30 of the Board of Trustees' Policies (see Section 4.3.0, Non-Tenure Track Faculty and Section 4.4.0, Executive, Administrative and Professional Staff).