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Legal, Compliance and Risk Management Division

BOT 10.1 - 10.3

Policy Statement

Chapter 10 Legal, Compliance and Risk Management

10.1 Objective

The objective of the Legal, Compliance and Risk Management Division is to assist the University, through its representatives, in achieving its mission by operating with integrity and respect for the legal and regulatory environment while effectively managing institutional risk.

10.2 Offices

10.2.1  Legal

This office is responsible for proactively supporting the university's mission through development of sound legal practices, provision of legal advice and assistance, and assurance that all legal affairs of the university are properly handled through effective risk management. This office shall be the coordinating office for Freedom of Information Act requests.

The president or his/her designee will contract for any legal services that may be necessary in the conduct of the affairs of the university, which includes the president's authority to institute such legal proceedings as may be necessary for the proper conservation of assets or the protection of interests of the university. The coordination of these services will be in one administrative office to ensure maximum efficiency. 

10.2.2  Compliance 

This office will serve as the coordinating office for communication about and oversight of mission-critical compliance activities by the responsible offices at the university. The university exercises and promotes management accountability by maintaining and continuously improving its legal compliance framework and processes, and reporting on compliance activities. Compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations will be administered through a system of shared responsibility of designated faculty and staff and their respective appointing officers and vice presidents. 

10.2.3  Risk Management 

The office assists university representatives in the achievement of the University's mission by implementing an Enterprise Risk Management process that considers the university's risk appetite in evaluating strategic alternatives, setting related objectives, and developing mechanisms to manage related risks. In addressing the full spectrum of the University's risks and managing the combined impact of those risks, the University shall engage in risk control activities, purchase insurance when appropriate, and participate in self-insurance programs, which includes participation in a risk sharing facility called the Michigan Universities Self-Insurance Corporation (M.U.S.I.C.).

10.2.4  Charter Schools

The University has a long-standing tradition and commitment to providing quality education for students. As part of this mission, the Board of Trustees seeks to impact public K-12 education by fostering choice in K-12 education through the authorization of charter schools. The charter schools office enhances student learning by providing oversight, compliance, and professional development to the charter schools authorized by the University. 

10.3 Indemnification

It is the policy of Grand Valley State University to support its Board members, offices, faculty, and staff in the reasonable and proper performance of their official duties, and to support students and volunteers when performing services on behalf of or under the direction of the university. Should university personnel become involved in litigation because of such duties, the university will assume their defense, provide legal counsel, and satisfy resulting judgments against them.