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Professional Support Staff

FH 1.07

Policy Scope

Professional Support Staff

Professional support staff are employed to facilitate the instructional program. These staff members are directly supervised by the unit head and are primarily responsible for assignments related to the operation of the department, course outlines, and examinations. Requests for secretarial assistance in other areas, such as preparation of manuscripts, are honored only when time permits. It is imperative to secretarial efficiency that all faculty members cooperate in getting work requests to their support staff well in advance of the due date.

Some academic units also have other clerks, technicians, or other employees assigned to them part- or full-time. These employees are normally directly supervised by a unit head. Faculty must coordinate their requests for assistance with the unit head.

All policies for Professional Support staff will be governed by the provisions of the collective bargaining agreement as ratified by the Board of Trustees. [See Board of Trustees' Policies BOT 4.6].