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Finance and Administration - Facilities

BOT 7.5

Policy Statement

7.5 Facilities

7.5.1 Capital Projects

The responsibility for capital expenditures rests with the Board of Trustees and is delegated to the president and the treasurer at appropriate stages for specific projects.

The facilities services & planning office shall prepare a Capital Outlay Request of capital outlay needs for review and recommendation by the President for approval by the Board of Trustees and submission to appropriate state and/or federal offices. Preparation of this statement shall be done with the consultation or participation of other University administrative officers as appropriate.

Planning for and construction administration, which includes remodeling, of capital projects shall primarily be the responsibility of facilities planning staff who shall consult with and involve other members of the University community as appropriate. For capital projects of $3,000,000 or less, the President or designee shall review and approve such capital projects. The Board of Trustees shall review and approve the following items for each project over $3,000,000:

a. the architect or engineer

b. the budget

c. the funding source

d. the schedule

e. the site plan

f. the floor plans

g. the authorization to proceed with the project as presented

h. the general contractor or construction manager will be reported to the appropriate Board committee prior to approval by the full Board. If the low bidder is not proposed, the reason for not selecting the low bidder will be reported to the appropriate Board committee.

i. Construction contract change orders that cause the project budget to exceed the approved budget.

7.5.2. Contracts

Contracts for architectural and engineering services, related consultant services, new construction, remodeling and alterations, special maintenance and repairs, and property leases may be executed by the President, the Vice President for Finance and Administration, or to those designated by the President or the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

7.5.3. Naming of Buildings

The Board retains its authority to approve naming of buildings when they are named for individuals, foundations and corporations. Pursuant to Board policy 8.10, the Board shall be kept aware of naming opportunities as such opportunities develop.  Once the building or area named has been conferred, that name shall remain as long as the building or area exists unless the Board subsequently determines otherwise.  The authority to name University buildings is delegated to the President for those instances when the building name is simply functional in nature, e.g., Living Center.  Subject to prior review with the Board Finance and Audit Committee, the President is authorized to approve the assignment of names to building areas and spaces when less than an entire building.