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Winter Hall Meeting Room Policy

SLT 6.26

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Policy Statement

Winter Hall has meeting space available for reservation with consideration given in the order requests are received. Conference and Event Planning Services reserves the right to assign, and if necessary re-assign, facilities to ensure the most appropriate utilization of space. The following policy has been developed in order to ensure proper planning for your event or meeting. 


In the event that a function is to be cancelled, the reserved space must be released by calling the Conference and Event Planning Office at 331-6624. If a group fails to do this twice in one semester they will be denied further space on the Pew Campus.

The organization or department sponsoring the meeting/event is responsible for the actions of all guests & participants. They must insure that all applicable University regulations are observed.

Any organization or department that shows disregard for University facilities and equipment may be charged additional fees and be denied further use of Pew Campus space.

If existing furniture is moved around in the room, it is the responsibility of the group to make sure the tables and chairs are put back to the original set. If this is not done there is a $50.00 fee for reset of the room.

If the group using the space brings in food or beverage it is their responsibility to leave the room the way it was found. Cleaning supplies can be found at the front desk for sign out. If the room is not left the way it was found the organization or department will be charged a cleaning fee.