MPNL - Program of Study


The MPNL degree consists of a minimum of 36 credit hours.

You should visit your faculty advisor to discuss your program of study before you first register. (Consult Banner to identify your advisor.) Return visits are encouraged, as updating your plan will likely be desirable as you progress through the program.    

The MPNL program has the following parts: Core CoursesEmphases (Community Impact, Mission Advancement, Nonprofit Healthcare, and Custom), the Philanthropy Topics, Trends, and Thought Leaders Workshop Series, and the Culminating Experience.

Core Courses

The program core includes 21 credit hours, as follows:

  • PNH 611 - Research Methods
  • PNH 612 - Human Resources in Organizations
  • PNH 614 - Organization Theory
  • PNH 660 - Philanthropy and the Nonprofit Sector: History and Ethics
  • PNH 661 - Nonprofit Management: Practices
  • PNH 662 - Nonprofit Financial Management
  • PNH 667 - Fund Development



Students select one emphasis of 9 credit hours. The choices of concentration are as follows. Students whose past experience or career plans suggest a benefit to customizing this curriculum should consult with their advisor.

Community Impact

Community Impact

Students concentrating in community impact must complete the following three courses, for a total of 9 credits.

  • PNH 666 - Foundations and Strategic Grantmaking
  • MGMT 672 - Creativity and Social Entrepreneurship
  • PNH 664 Program Evaluation

Mission Advancement


Students concentrating in mission advancement must complete three of the following courses for a total of 9 credits:


  • PNH 643 - Strategic Management and Planning
  • PNH 665 - Nonprofit and Boards, Trustees, Governance

Select one of the following:

  • PNH 663 - Nonprofit Organizations, Advocacy and Public Policy
  • PNH 670 - International NGO management

Nonprofit Healthcare

symbol of healthcare

Students concentrating in Nonprofit Healthcare must complete the three following courses for a total of 9 credits:

  • PNH 630 - Health Administration and Service 
  • PNH 639 - Community Benefits Assessment and Management
  • PNH 640 - Marketing Health and Human Services


symbol of charity

Students pursuing the custom emphases should complete a total of 9 credit hours in coursework based on the guidance and approval of their advisor.

Philanthropy Topics, Trends, and Thought Leaders Workshop Series

Students must complete a total of 3 credits consisting of:

  • PNH 554 x3 Workshops (1-credit each)

Culminating Experience

  • PNH 619 - Management Seminar

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