Board Member Profile - Brian Pangle

Board Member Profile - Brian Pangle

February 5, 2020 | About RDAC

Brian Pangle is the current President/CEO of Clark Retirement Community.  Clark is a Life Plan Community, offering residential and health services to independent living, assisted living, and long term skilled nursing residents.  Together with Holland Home, Clark hosted a 3 day dementia summit in June 2015 entitled "Rethinking Dementia Accelerating Change.”  Dementia leaders across the U.S. were invited to attend with the purpose to become connected to one another through our shared passion for dementia excellence and do so in a way that was beneficial to our communities, our well-being and our work. 

/As a result of that summit, Clark along with other key leaders in the community, established Rethinking Dementia: Accelerating Change, a non-profit organization and community collaborative headed up by Lisa Misenhimer, Director.  The mission of this collaborative is to improve the lives of people affected by dementia by promoting better access to quality support and services through innovative community collaboration.   

/With Clark's long time involvement and leader in the West Michigan area in serving persons with memory loss and their caregivers, Brian calls it his honor to serve as Board Chair of Rethinking Dementia: Accelerating Change. 

Learn more about Clark Retirement Community on their website.

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