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Retina Markers and Alzheimer's

Retina Markers and Alzheimer's

July 29, 2020 | Research

Our eyes are an important part of the body. Eye exams can detect many different health concerns and conditions. A recent study funded by the National Institutes of Health studied the changes that happen in eyes in relation to Alzheimer's Disease.

There are three specific processes in the eye that occur in the retina in someone that has Alzheimer's Disease. 

  • Amyloid deposits in retinal cells and blood vessels
  • Decreased ability to repair tissue due to a lessening of "signaling by platelet-derived growth factor receptors."
  • Disappearing of cells that help to control blood flow and prevent damaging material from entering the retina from the blood-retina barrier

There are other diseases that have been studied that also show changes in the blood-retina barrier. These include macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.

The information that was obtained from this study could possibly help to find screening methods for Alzheimer's Disease that cost less money and are not as invasive as current methods. 

To read the full article "Retina Study Eyes Alzheimer's Processes to Target for Early Screening," click here. 

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