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Susan M. Morford (1970)

Susan M. Morford (1970)

Susan Morford graduated twice from GVSU, initially with a BS in Physics in 1970 and again in 1992 with a BSE in Engineering with an Electrical Engineering emphasis.  She also earned an MA in Physics from Western Michigan University in 1973.  From 1976 through 1990, Susan taught as an adjunct faculty in Grand Valley's Physics Department.  Following her engineering degree completion in 1992, Susan has been employed by the Howmet Research Corporation, where she has served as Project Engineer for four major initiatives.  It's interesting to note that Susan's association with the Howmet Research Corporation actually began while she was an engineering student on her co-op assignment; her work as a student developed into a full-time position as a project engineer.

She was chosen by the Department of Physics, GVSU as their Distinguished Alumni in 2003. 

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