Philosophy and Pre-Law Advising

Grand Valley State University's pre-law program, in keeping with the recommendations of U.S. law schools, is not a single major that is defined as pre-law. Students interested in attending law school and pursuing a career in law can choose to major or minor in any discipline prior to applying to law school.

The philosophy major provides excellent preparation for law school. Philosophy courses develop rigorous, methodical, critical and creative reasoning skills. Courses also enhance expository as well as persuasive writing and speaking skills. These skills are essential to the study and practice of law.

The philosophy major also encourages exploration into other disciplines through a larger number of electives than many other majors permit, allowing students to gain a broad liberal arts education which is also helpful in the study of law. Philosophy courses will also be helpful to pre-law students who do not major in philosophy but adopt philosophy as a minor or simply take philosophy courses as electives.

Some courses of particular interest to pre-law students are Logic (PHI 103), Ethics (PHI 102), Social and Political Philosophy (PHI 320), Legal Philosophy (PHI 330), and Sex Matters: Feminist Philosophy in the Contemporary World (PHI 370).

Students considering philosophy as preparation for law school and a career in law should meet with Prof. John Uglietta, the Philosophy Department's Pre-Law advisor.

Page last modified August 22, 2017