Philosophy Club Upcoming Event

Partisan Influence on Supreme Court Nominations: Disagreement and the Philosophy of Law




TIME: Thursday, MARCH 15 from 5:30 to 7:00 PM


DESCRIPTION: Join the philosophy club this week as we look at the issue of political parties seeking to nominate specific kinds of judges to the supreme court in the interest of advancing a political agenda. To aid our discussion, we will be examining the nature of political disagreement and the impact of parties nominating and appointing justices for life-terms and thus influencing public policy for, potentially, decades to come. We will also do a rundown of the philosophy of law, and ask questions about whether judges should be apolitical, or if they even can be. Please join us for a discussion of this timely topic!

 Recommended readings for the meeting are

 On disagreement, the first four pages of:

On philosophy of law, the first two or three sections of:




US Supreme Court

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