Wael Mokhtar

Wael Mokhtar, Ph.D.

Director, School of Engineering
Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

  • Office Address: 136 Kennedy Hall of Engineering
  • Phone: (616) 331-2441
  • Email:


Dr. Mokhtar joined GVSU Engineering during fall 2009. He obtained his Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering at Old Dominion State University and MS and BS in Mechanical Engineering from Alexandria University. His expertise is in the thermo-fluid sciences. His research is in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Wind Tunnel Testing, Vehicle Aerodynamics, and Teaching Methods.

Samhita Rhodes

Samhita Rhodes, Ph.D.

Assistant Director, School of Engineering
Associate Professor, Electrical and Biomedical Engineering

  • Office Address: 253 Kennedy Hall of Engineering
  • Phone: (616) 331-6267
  • Email:

Program Chairs

Shabbir Choudhuri

Shabbir Choudhuri, Ph.D.

Director, School of Engineering Graduate Program
Professor, Product Design & Manufacturing Engineering

  • Office Address: 225 Kennedy Hall of Engineering
  • Phone: (616) 331-6845
  • Email:


Charlie Standridge, Ph.D.

Chair, Computer Engineering
Professor, Manufacturing Engineering

  • Office Address: 332 Kennedy Hall of Engineering
  • Phone: (616) 331-6759
  • Email:

Bruce Dunne

Bruce Dunne, Ph.D.

Chair, Electrical Engineering
Associate Professor, Computer and Electrical Engineering

  • Office Address: 351 Kennedy Hall of Engineering
  • Phone: (616) 331-6754
  • Email:

Mehmet Sozen

Mehmet Sozen, Ph.D.

Chair, Mechanical Engineering
Professor, Mechanical Engineering

  • Office Address: 333 Kennedy Hall of Engineering
  • Phone: (616) 331-6517
  • Email:

John Farris

John Farris, Ph.D.

Chair, Product Design & Manufacturing Engineering
Professor, Product Design & Manufacturing and Biomedical Engineering

  • Office Address: 223 Kennedy Hall of Engineering
  • Phone: (616) 331-7267
  • Email:

Wendy Reffeor

Wendy Reffeor, Ph.D.

Chair, Interdisciplinary Engineering
Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering

  • Office Address: 335 Kennedy Hall of Engineering
  • Phone: (616)-331-6010
  • Email: