Enrichment Opportunities

PCEC Roadshows

K-12 educators, please contact us at pcecoutreach@gvsu.edu if you would like us to interact with your students.  

Engineering and Computing are two of the most creative and in-demand careers out there.  Yet they are widely misrepresented and misunderstood. Most students have no idea what kind of opportunities can come from an education in engineering or computing. The idea that technology careers flounder in a bad economy is false.  Engineers and computer scientists are always in demand!  What’s more, employers benefit from workers that are creative and diverse.

The Student Services department of the Padnos College of Engineering and Computing has created a presentation that can be tailored to your school’s specific needs. This presentation provides your students with information about careers in the various engineering disciplines, computer science, and computer information systems, including job descriptions, career opportunities, labor and wage statistics, placement statistics, preparation information, and more. 

National Engineers Week

In cooperation with the Grand Rapids Public Museum, PCEC participates in National Engineers Week each year in February.  Our participation includes three days of K-12 programming and one day of public outreach.  GVSU coordinates three or four different hands-on activities that appeal to many different age groups.  GVSU students, faculty and staff all volunteer to execute the programming. 

Founded by NSPE in 1951, EWeek is dedicated to ensuring a diverse and well-educated future engineering workforce by increasing understanding of and interest in engineering and technology careers.

Today, EWeek is a formal coalition of more than 70 engineering, education, and cultural societies, and more than 50 corporations and government agencies. Dedicated to raising public awareness of engineers' positive contributions to quality of life, EWeek promotes recognition among parents, teachers, and students of the importance of a technical education and a high level of math, science, and technology literacy, and motivates youth, to pursue engineering careers in order to provide a diverse and vigorous engineering workforce. Each year, EWeek reaches thousands of schools, businesses, and community groups across the U.S. 

For more information visit: www.discovere.org/our-programs/engineers-week and www.nspe.org

PCEC Project Day

Once a semester, PCEC hosts an Open House to highlight student projects.  Local middle and high school students are invited to attend and interact with over 25 projects.  The projects are both individual efforts and group projects that come from Engineering, Computing, and Occupational Safety and Health Management.  Project Day is done in a science fair format where visitors are encouraged to move freely between projects and ask lots of questions.  Most of the laboratories and collaboration spaces are also open for touring. 

Presentations are spread out among five floors within the Kennedy Hall of Engineering and Keller Laboratories on the Pew Campus in downtown Grand Rapids. It is a great opportunity for students to see real-world applications that Engineering and Computing students are working on. You may even witness a few "Aha!" moments, when students realize why they are studying math, science, and technology!

Along with viewing all the poster presentations and touring the facilities, we will also be providing a free "sack" lunch for the students and chaperones. In order to improve your experience, we are limiting the number of attendees for this event. If you are interested in registering your school, please send an e-mail with the following information to the Student Services department at pcecoutreach@gvsu.edu:

Name of School
Advisor name and e-mail
Number of students attending
Transportation method (i.e. bus, van, car, etc...)

Project Day is held once a semester.  For more information contact the staff at pcecoutreach@gvsu.edu

Senior Design Conference

The Senior Design Conference occurs once a year at the end of the Spring/Summer semester.  The conference celebrates the successful completion of the Capstone Design Program, in which teams of senior engineering students solve real-world engineering design problems sponsored by participating industries and other sponsoring organizations. The projects take two semesters to complete, and at the end the companies who participate have an actual working product.

For more information visit: www.gvsu.edu/engineering/senior-project-109.htm

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