GVSU students sweep Outdoor Weber Idea Competition

March 29, 2018

GVSU students sweep Outdoor Weber Idea Competition

Two Grand Valley State University students placed first and second in the Outdoor Weber Idea Competition on Friday, March 23. The first-place team, consisting of Jordan Vanderham and Jared Seifert, created the Orindi Mask, which allows wearers to breathe warm air even in cold temperatures. Taking second place was Katarina Samardzija, who created Locker Lifestyle, which allows wearers to take small valuables with them while being active.

The first-place winners took home $30,000 to put toward the capitalization of their products, while second place took home $7,500. Vanderham said the $30,000 that the Orindi Mask won is going toward executing the already-high demand for masks.

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