New Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Major Featured in GVSU Transforming Health Care Report

December 17, 2020

New Undergraduate Biomedical Engineering Major Featured in GVSU Transforming Health Care Report

Grand Valley’s School of Engineering recently announced a new undergraduate biomedical engineering major. Students completing this program will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in engineering (B.S.E.) degree, ready to make a profound difference in people’s lives by developing innovative solutions for disorders, injuries, and other conditions affecting human body systems.

Biomedical engineering combines knowledge of science, medicine, and mathematics to creatively solve challenging problems involving complex human systems. As the population in the United States ages and technological advancements continue to enhance our ability to provide solutions that allow for higher quality of life, the creative problem-solving abilities of biomedical engineers are needed to design novel medical devices and artificial replacement components that support functions of the human body.

The GVSU biomedical engineering major is the only program of its kind in West Michigan, providing a unique opportunity for students interested in the interaction of humans with technology. GVSU biomedical engineering students choose an emphasis in mechanical, electrical, or product design and manufacturing engineering.

Students in the biomedical engineering major complete three semesters of fulltime field education with local employers, allowing them to graduate with a minimum of 1,500 hours of industry experience.

“Grand Valley’s biomedical engineering program is unique in that it prepares students for careers in the medical device industry without sacrificing the rigor of the foundational engineering disciplines,” said Samhita Rhodes, Ph.D., chair, Biomedical Engineering Department.

The School of Engineering accepts applicants for all undergraduate engineering programs through a secondary admission process. Interested individuals should contact Rhodes at [email protected]

Visit the School of Engineering website.

Story originally published in the GVSU Transforming Health Care: 2020 Annual Health Report.

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