Remote Advising Curriculum

On this page we have student program plans for majors in Computing & Information Systems, Engineering, and Occupational Safety & Health Management. A program plan is a suggested map to help lead to graduation in a timely manner. Students can use their program plans, along with their MyPath account and their academic advisor to help map a route to success. 

Please Follow the links below to the school or department the program you are interested in is located.

School of Computing and Information Systems

CIS - Program Plans

Link to Program plans for School of CIS - student reviewing code

Occupational Safety and Health Management

OSH - Program Plans

Link to Occupational Safety and Health Management Program Plans - Image of a team of students working on a class project

School of Engineering

EGR - Program Plans

Link to School Of Engineering - Image of two students working on Engineering homework

The New First-Year Course Sequence

The School of Engineering is proud to roll out their new first-year Course Sequence. Starting FALL 2020 The former sequence (EGR 106 and EGR 107) will be replaced with a series of first-year lab courses. When you are reviewing the program plans for Engineering Majors, you will still see EGR 106 and EGR 107 on those forms, please note that they will be on your emailed notes.

Students will take:

EGR 100 - Introduction to Engineering - 1 credit
EGR 111 - Introduction to Engineering Graphics - 1 credit
EGR 112 - Introduction to Programming  - 2 credits
EGR 113 - Introduction to CAD/CAM - 1 credit
EGR 185 - First-Year Engineering Design - 2 credits

These courses will be taken over your first several semesters at GVSU.

If you have taken a course at your previous institutions that is similar and you believe will transfer to GVSU as one of these courses, please submit a course syllabus to our email address
We will have those courses reviewed for credit.

The School of Engineering will be offering test out options for EGR 111, EGR 112, and EGR 113 credit in June and July.
There will be study guides and practice tests available soon.