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Transferring To Grand Valley

We are so excited you are considering becoming a Laker!

It is recommended that students who are considering transferring to Grand Valley State University review the curriculum guide from the Admissions Office. These curriculum guides offer some suggestions on recommended and commonly transferred courses for the majors at Grand Valley. If your current school does not have a curriculum guide, please contact our office and we can assist you in building one.

Students can also utilize our course equivalency guide, linked below, to look up if specific courses transfer from their previous institution to Grand Valley. 

Students who are considering transferring to GVSU should contact an Academic Advisor at least 1 semester before transferring to GVSU. Our goal is to help you have a smooth transition to GVSU. We are available to assist you in scheduling classes and to ensure that your coursework transfers over appropriately. 

To speak with an advisor or make an appointment, please call our advising center at (616) 331-6025 or [email protected].

Below you will find some useful links for review:

General Transfer Requirements

Transfer applicants with a 2.5 cumulative GPA or above and who are eligible to re-enroll at their former institution will normally be admitted. Additional information on transfer admissions requirements can be found here

PCEC Program Requirements

The Padnos College of Engineering and Computing offers undergraduate programs in multiple branches of Engineering, Computer Science, Cybersecurity, Information Systems, Information Technology and Occupational Safety and Health Management. If accepted to GVSU, transfer students will declare their intended major. Each of our majors has secondary admission requirements that must be met before students are admitted to their program. Students work closely with PCEC advisors to ensure they are on track to meet secondary admission program requirements. Students who meet these requirements will be admitted. Follow the links below for more information on secondary admissions.

Steps to Transfer

Follow these helpful steps to guide you through the transferring process:

  1. Research: Explore all of the information on this page, including links to the admissions website, course equivalency guide, curriculum guides, program plans, and program specific page. Compile your own academic information including courses taken at all institutions, AP scores, and documentation of the MTA/MACRAO agreements from your home institution.
  2. Advising Appointment: Schedule a prospective transfer student appointment with one of our advisors to go over details of the program, answer any questions, and map out an academic plan.
  3. Apply: If Grand Valley aligns with your future education and career goals, apply for admission as a transfer student. Be sure to send up-to-date transcripts from all higher education institutions attended. 
  4. Transfer Orientation: Once you are accepted, admissions will instruct you to register for a transfer orientation date. It is highly recommended that PCEC students take the math placement exam before attending orientation. Please bring a list of all courses you are currently enrolled in to your transfer orientation. It is important to also have plans in place regarding work.*

*While many students need to work their way through school, students need to make classes a priority. If you are currently working, decide if you will continue or if your number of hours per week will change. Speak with your supervisor and see if there is any flexibility with your shift to accommodate class schedules. Be aware that while Grand Valley does offer a variety of courses on both the Allendale and Pew campus in the evening hours, this lessens as you progress your way through the program to higher-level major courses. Co-ops or internships are required components in all of our programs and maintaining an outside job will be challenging. 

Math Placement

Math placement is a critical component to our programs, especially Engineering. Even if students have taken math courses at other institutions, they may not transfer to Grand Valley. It is highly recommended that newly admitted transfer students take the online math placement exam prior to their transfer orientation date. Please follow this link for more information about math placement.  

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Laker Effect

Video of GVSU Electrical Engineering alumni Sean Sarniak discussing his experience in the program and the GVSU advantage

Sean Sarniak - GVSU Electrical Engineering '11

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