How do I Transfer a Course?

Step 1 - Research

There are certain situations where students elect to take a course elsewhere and have it transferred to GVSU. A few things to note before doing this:

1. Your final 30 credits need to be completed at GVSU to earn your degree from GVSU.

2. Students must earn 58 credits at a 4-year institution to earn a degree.

3. A total of 120 credits is required for graduation.

It is HIGHLY encouraged that students speak with their academic advisor prior to taking courses at another institution. In preparation for taking a course elsewhere, it is important to visit the GVSU Course Equivalency Guide. If you do not see an equivalent for the course you wish to take, you should submit a syllabus to your advisor for review of how credit would be awarded at GVSU.

For students who will be attending another Michigan institution, it is recommended that you complete the Michigan Guest Undergraduate Admissions Application. Part I of this document is completed by the student and Part II is completed by the GVSU Records Office (150 Student Services). The Records office at GVSU will forward this document to the institution from there that course will be transferred.

If you have questions about transferring in credits or completing the guest application, please visit the Guest Students and Transferring Credits to Grand Valley Website.

Step 2 - Transfer Credits

Once you have completed the transfer course work it is important to send a final transcript back to the GVSU Records Department. Colleges and Universities cannot send transcripts to other schools or back to Grand Valley without you permission. So please make sure you are requesting your transcripts once grades are posted, for ever semester you take a course at a different college or university.

The official transcript should be sent to:

GVSU Records
1 West Campus Drive
150 Student Services
Allendale, MI 49401

If the institution you attended sends electronic transcripts you can request they send your official electronic transcripts to Grand Valley at: [email protected].

If you want to check if your credit has been received by Grand Valley, please call the registrar's office at (616) 331-3327.

Please note that sending your transcripts to an academic advisor, instead of the registrar's office  will slow down the review process. Academic advisors cannot apply transfer grades to your current Grand Valley Transcript.

Page last modified February 21, 2020