First-Year Engineering Course Credit-by-Exam Options

Engineering students may attempt to test out of the EGR 111, EGR 112, and/or EGR 113 courses if they have prior experience with the course content. Students who test out of these courses will receive credit for each course by passing each exam.


  • Students may receive credit by examination if they have not previously attempted or completed the course in question at Grand Valley.
  • Students may attempt each exam twice.
  • The credits will count toward graduation but will not be used in computing the grade point average.
  • The maximum number of credits by examination (AP, IB, and CLEP – combined) that students may apply toward the baccalaureate is 32 hours. There is no limit to DSST credits.
  • Refer to for the most current catalog information.
  • Exams are scored as Pass/Fail. Students will be notified of their results in 2-3 days.
  • Minimum scores and equivalencies are subject to change. 
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Course Objectives

EGR 111 - Introduction to Engineering Graphics (1 credit): Provides principles of drafting used by engineers through a hands-on learning environment. Topics of instruction include drawing interpretation, visualization (including pictorials and orthographic drawings), geometric construction, sectioning, working drawings, and mechanical drawings (including but not limited to sectioning and working drawings). Offered fall and winter semesters.

EGR 112 - Applied Programming for Engineers (2 credits): An introduction to structured and modular programming for use in engineering applications. Numerous programming assignments, focusing on engineering concepts, develop the practical skills necessary to ensure students are capable of writing, testing, debugging, and validating programs.

EGR 113 - Introduction to CAD/CAM (1 credit): Computer -aided design (CAD) and computer -aided manufacturing (CAM) theory and applications are introduced. Topics include CAD/CAM systems, geometric modeling, tool path generation, integration of CAD/CAM with the production machine, NC machining, and additive manufacturing.

How To Sign Up

Students will have three opportunities to test out of the first-year engineering courses:  EGR 111, EGR 112, and EGR 113.  We are holding multiple test-out exams during the summer in preparation for the Winter 2023 semester.  Please select the date you prefer and complete the form below.

EGR 111
EGR 111 - January 5, 2023 

EGR 112
EGR 112- January 5, 2023

EGR 113
EGR 113 -January 6, 2023



Test Out Dates

EGR 111:

January 5 - 9:00 AM

EGR 112: 

January 5 - 1:00 PM

EGR 113:

January 6 - 9:00 AM

*Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your exam time to check in at the IDC.


The Innovation and Design Center

Pew Campus

What to Bring

Government-Issued or GVSU Student ID

A one-page sheet of content to reference, per exam, no larger than 8.5x11

For EGR 111: Pencil(s), eraser, and (optionally) a straight edge

Test-Out Costs

Each test costs $50 per course credit.

EGR 111 = $50

EGR 112 = $100

EGR 113 = $50

Payments are charged directly to GVSU student accounts.

Please note: Students will be charged for each test in which they register. 

There will be a 48--hour cancellation policy.  If a student does not cancel their test-out reservation at least 48 hours prior to their test-out date, they will be charged for the exam.  

Students can cancel their reservation by emailing [email protected] 

How It Works

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Tests are proctored and individually graded by School of Engineering faculty.

Exams are graded as pass/fail. 

Students will receive their test results within 2-3 days of taking the test.


Study Materials

EGR 111

This section provides practice problems and solutions for the Engineering 111 test out exam.  You can also review the following videos on YouTube:






EGR 112

This section provides both a practice exam and study guide to the engineering 112 test out exam.

EGR 113

This section provides practice examples for the engineering 113 test out exam.  You can also reference the following online resources:



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