Appeal My Academic Dismissal

In the unfortunate event that you are dismissed from GVSU due to poor academic performance, it is important to understand the steps necessary to get readmitted. Please note, academic dismissal is for one academic calendar year. During the time away, it is critical for the student to show evidence of maturity and improved attitude toward academics. Additionally, written support from a Padnos College of Engineering and Computing faculty member must support the application for readmission. Students then need to meet with an academic advisor to develop an academic plan for moving forward.

The Academic Review Committee reviews the appeal and the results are communicated to the student in writing. Approval of a petition allows the student to enroll on a conditional basis, as stipulated by the Committee and the student's enrollment status will be "Jeopardy of Dismissal."
The Records Office requires that you submit a petition to return form, a letter of support from a Padnos College of Engineering and Computing faculty member, and any supporting documentation or evidence (medical records, academic transcripts, etc.) that may support your reasons for appeal.

Note: Dismissal appeal packets must be submitted to the records office no later than 30 days prior to the start of the semester you wish to return. This means that you must contact the advising center AT LEAST 2 weeks prior to that deadline to ensure we have time to review your appeal.

Page last modified September 6, 2017