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Engineering Alum Wins Regional Thesis Award

July 12, 2021

Engineering Alum Wins Regional Thesis Award

The Graduate School is pleased to announce Richard Gross, alum of the Master of Science in Engineering program, is the 2021 Outstanding Thesis Winner from the Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS). Gross’s thesis, title “Algorithm for Geodetic Positioning Based on Angle-Of-Arrival of Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcasts“ was selected in the category of Mathematical, Physical Sciences, and Engineering.

Grand Valley State University has submitted nominations to the MAGS Thesis Competition since 2011. Gross’s thesis is the first GVSU student to win the top prize, which includes a $750 honorarium. He graduated in April 2019 with an emphasis in Electrical/Computer Engineering.

His advisor, Dr. Nicholas Baine, commented “Richard was a fantastic student and worthy recipient. I could not be more proud of what we were able to accomplish together.

Many of Richard’s findings have already been well received by the engineering community as they were presented and published at two conferences. The rest of his work is soon to be published in a leading journal in this field. I would argue that his master’s thesis rises to the level of a PhD dissertation. It is superbly written, the work is relevant to the current state of the art, and his design provides an extra layer of safety to a system all air traffic depends on.”

Read the original story on the Graduate School website.

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