Networking For Success

Networking is about who you know. Learn strategies for getting connected to individuals in your personal network, GVSU alumni, and potential employers. Visit the Career Center website to see helpful videos about networking and career advice.

Be Resourceful

LinkedIn is all about helping people identify viable business connections. If you're not finding the exact connection you are looking for, get creative! Don't be afraid to post a discussion asking for referrals; chances are someone will be able to provide a valuable recommendation.

Always Have a Resume/CV Ready

It never hurts to have your résumé/CV ready while at networking events and to bring a few copies to your graduate or professional school interview. Also, giving your CV or résumé to your recommenders can help them to remember you and your accomplishments so they can write more specific recommendations.

Curriculum Vitae Examples

Résumé Examples

Six Critical Rules of Résumé Writing

New to LinkedIn?

If you don't currently have a LinkedIn profile, the following are great resources to help you get started! It could be very beneficial to connect with professionals in the field and ask them how they achieved the status they have now!

Build a professional LinkedIn profile

Network professionally online

Conduct essential employer research on LinkedIn

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Mastering LinkedIn

Or visit the LinkedIn Learning Center for simple, customized user guides for students, new users, and job seekers.


Source: GVSU Career Services