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Natalie Trevino

Natalie Trevino

What was the biggest challenge you faced in your path to graduate school?

Myself! I did not trust myself, I did not believe that I could do it and I did not believe that it was important, that my being there was going to be worth anything.  I did not trust myself as an intellectual. Thus my greatest challenge was overcoming all of the little voices that said, "You can't do this, don't try".  But I found that the harder I worked, at my essays and at my undergrad course work, the quieter those voices became. And I needed to learn to trust the people around me who were encouraging me and believed in me.

What has been your greatest success thus far?  

The growth that I didn't expect. The lessons that come from outside the classroom. I thought I would grow as a student and academic, I didn't know I'd grow as a soul and a person. To me, that is my greatest success so far. Not only that, but to be challenged as a thinker and know that my identity as a Liberally Educated woman is always being reshaped and reworked, yet still having that core philosophy that I learned so passionately at GVSU.

What do you wish you had known or done differently in your journey?

I wish I had known that I could do this. I wish I would not have been so timid about applying to the schools I really wanted to got to. I wish I wouldn't have been so reasonable or accepting, I should have demanded euphoria. I wish I would have been more in touch was all of the things I wanted, not just what I wanted academically. I wish I would have looked at myself holistically during the whole process and not just as a student.

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