Law School, J.D.

Below is a list of resources for students who are interested in applying to law school. This is not an exhaustive list of resources and it is highly recommended that you also meet with your advisor frequently to discuss your overall progress.

Law School Resources

Law School Overview: This website includes a law school checklist, information on the admission process, important deadlines, LSAT information, financing information, and other important criteria to consider

GVSU Pre-Law: Provides pre-law FAQs, a list of GVSU undergraduate pre-law advisors, and information on the LEAP program as well as GVSU's legal studies undergraduate major

Colleges: Searchable guides to law schools, including ABA approved law schools in the US, Canadian law schools, and Australian law schools

The Law School Admission Test (LSAT): A half-day standardized test required for admission to LSAC-member law schools, most Canadian law schools, and many non ABA approved law schools. It provides a standard measure of acquired reading and verbal reasoning skills that law schools can use as one of several factors in assessing applicants. The test is administered four times a year at hundreds of locations around the world.

Pre-law and criminal Justice Undergraduate Student Organizations: Collection of resources and connections to help you get involved with pre-law organizations while in your undergrad

Best Law School Rankings: Compare ranks, tuition, enrollment size, and overviews of each school

Nine Jobs You Can Do with a Law Degree


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