While preparing for your graduate or professional school interview, it is extremely important that you practice beforehand so that you are prepared. Below are links to sample questions for different program areas. These are just to get you thinking about questions that your program might ask you during your interview. You should also research more questions besides the ones provided. You may even bring in the questions to a practice interview at the GVSU Career Center and have your interviewer ask you them so you can simulate the real thing. Call the GVSU Career Center at (616) 331-3311 and ask to schedule your practice interview today.

Multiple Mini Interviews: Students applying to dental, medical, pharmacy, or veterinary school should be familiar with both traditional and multiple mini interviews. These types of interviews compare applicants' performance in standardized situations. The interviewees move through a series of sessions, testing things such as problem solving, cultural competence, and teamwork. The question, scenario, or task is presented to all applicants, making it easier to compare the responses. These sessions can last anywhere between a few and ten minutes.


Computer Science



General Interview Questions

Graduate School Admissions Interview: Dos and Don'ts

Liberal Arts




PhD Interview Tips


The interview process for graduate or professional school is a way to learn more about a program as well as for the school to determine if you meet their criteria. These resources will help guide you through the interviewing process.