About Us

Kristin Moretto, Ph.D. is the inaugural Director of the Office for Community Partnerships and Student Professional Development and the Semester in Grand Rapids program in the Brooks College. Kristin previously served as the Director of Experiential Learning in the College of Public Health at the University of South Florida. Prior to that, she was the Assistant Director for Service-Learning at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where she oversaw the growth of academic service-learning, directed a community-based research grant program, and led the NASPA CLDE initiative. Moretto also directed the Michigan State University Student Food Bank and worked in the Office of Faculty and Organizational Development. Her research and scholarly work includes a variety of topics concerning civic and community-engagement; the professional development of faculty, graduate and undergraduate students; as well as spirituality and purpose among college students.

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About Our Office


The Office for Community Partnerships and Student Professional Development is located in the Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies. Our mission is to support and advance high-quality community-engaged teaching, learning, and scholarship as well as interdisciplinary initiatives that link liberal education with professional skills to prepare students for their future professional, personal, and civic lives.


  • Interdisciplinary collaborations
  • High-quality community engagement
  • Mutually beneficial community partnerships grounded in reciprocity
  • Holistic student development of academic, civic, and professional competencies
  • Public work that makes a positive contribution to communities

What we do:

  • Cultivate mutually beneficial community partnerships that enhance student learning
  • Offer high-impact, community-engaged opportunities in alignment with best practices for Brooks College
  • Foster development of civic and professional competencies among students through opportunities that link liberal education and practical skills through academic and community-engaged activities
  • Support Brooks Faculty in developing high-quality, community-engaged opportunities in alignment with best practices
  • Evaluate and assess the effectiveness of programs and partnerships housed in the Office
  • Assist in public relations efforts to showcase community-based work of Brooks College
  • Oversee the Brooks College Innovation Lab

Programs we oversee: