Chapter 3: Parking Fines, Appeals and Penalties

3.1 Parking Fines

For convenience, citations and fines can be paid online by credit card at Other payment options include: mail; in person at any Student Services Transaction windows; telephone at (616) 331-7275; or parking citation payment box located in front of the Service Building. Payment can be made by credit card, cash or check. A fee will be imposed for any returned checks. Coins will be accepted only if rolled. If paying by cash, it is recommended that payment be made in person in order to obtain a receipt.

3.1.1Fines after forty days: After forty days, fines will be placed on the student’s account; and may result in utilization of the University Judicial System. Non-student fines will be referred to collections. Outstanding fines may also be sent to the 58th District Court in Hudsonville, Michigan for collection. Failure to respond to a citation after it has been sent to court may result in the suspension of the registered owner’s driver’s license.

3.2 Appeals

Appeals must be submitted within seven business days of the date the citation is written.

3.2.1Methods of appeal: Appeals may be submitted online here or in person at either Campus Safety office.  Current students and Faculty Staff are required to appeal all citations online. Written appeals can be filed in person by visitors and vendors of the University or under extenuating circumstances.  Judiciary Officers are available weekly at scheduled times for in-person appeals and phone calls will not be accepted.

In-Person appeals are heard at GVPD in the Service Building on the Allendale campus or at PCSD in the Eberhard Center, Suite 102. You must speak with an appeals officer at the campus where you received the citation. The appeal schedule is listed on the parking website here.

3.2.2Judiciary decision: The Parking Judiciary’s decision and any penalty imposed shall be sent to the e-mail or mailing address submitted with the appeal.  The decision of the Traffic Judicial Officer is the final step within the University judiciary system.

3.3 Penalty

All violations of provisions of the GVSU Traffic & Parking Ordinance or of the Uniform Traffic Code for Cities, Townships and Villages adopted by reference by Chapter thereof, constitute civil infractions. Certain more serious violations are misdemeanors punishable by a fine of not more than $100 for each violation. Any person who is found to have committed a civil infraction under this ordinance may be ordered to pay a civil fine and costs in accordance with Act 510, P.A. 1978, as amended. Violations of the Uniform Traffic Code shall be under the jurisdiction of the 58th District Court.

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