GVSU modified its academic calendar for Fall 2020 due to circumstances surrounding COVID-19 and associated travel over breaks/holidays.  Fall break has been canceled and classes will be held on October 26th and 27th.  Additionally, any class that can be delivered remotely following the Thanksgiving holiday break will do so.  Classes that have required in-person participation will still meet face-to-face as scheduled.  Final exams will be administered remotely.  Students will not be forced to vacate housing following the Thanksgiving holiday. Students with academic or personal reasons to remain in campus housing must request to do so.

GVSU will issue credits for unused housing, weekly dining plans, and resident parking, but students must request this credit.  No automatic credits will be issued as each individual student’s circumstances will differ. All commuter parking permits will receive the credit and a request is not necessary.

Students will be able to access the form through the myHousing portal, by logging into myBanner - myHousing - under “Apply - Cancel - Forms”.  Reminder emails will be sent out to impacted students.  The form will be available on October 26th and students will have to submit the form no later than November 6th.  Credits will be issued the week on or about November 20th.