ADA Parking

February 22, 2017

You need more than a plate designation or a placard to park in ADA spaces on campus. Grand Valley is a permit-only campus which requires vehicles to obtain a parking permit or to park and pay in a Pay-to-Park area. These same regulations apply to individuals displaying ADA parking rights. The Americans with Disabilities Act requires the university to reserve parking areas in lots that provide "the shortest possible accessible route to the accessible building entrance or facility they serve". Grand Valley has 182 ADA parking spaces on the Allendale campus and 86 on the Pew campus. For transportation assistance from the parking area to your desired facility, contact Disability Support Resources or visit their website for more information.

Have a visible ADA designation and a Grand Valley permit? You are not required to pay at meters - not to be confused with the Marketplace Pay Stations which still require payment for those with and without ADA parking rights.


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Page last modified February 22, 2017