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Noah joined the Parking Services team in October 2019 and is cross-trained with Customer Service and Compliance. Noah is an avid outdoorsman and an extremely talented photographer specializing in historical railways. Noah's work was recently featured in a gallery show, and he has sold multiple prints to museums and individuals. This photo of Noah was taken on Lake Superior.

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Meet Tyra!

Tyra started working for Parking Services in August 2018. She is studying Criminal Justice with minors in juvenile justice and legal studies. Tyra said, "My favorite part about working with Parking Service is when customers express how extremely grateful they are that I was able to help them, and the coworkers that I have. I’ve never worked with a more genuine group of people and I love it."

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Meet Alex! Alex started for Parking Services in August 2017 and works both at the Customer Service Front Desk and for Parking Compliance. Alex is in his senior year, planning to graduate in April with a B.S. in Finance. Alex is into fitness and healthy living (most of the time), and will take you down in any bowling match (as long as you bowl under 100).

Thank you, Alex, for all of the work you do!!

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Leah started working for Parking Compliance in January 2018, but is cross-trained and also works at the Parking Services Front Desk. When she isn't providing excellent customer service for Parking Services, she is a nurse technician at a hospital. Leah is a junior majoring in Biomedical Sciences.

Hadley is new this semester, and started with Parking Compliance in August 2019. 

Leah and Hadley not only work together, they also live together!

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Patrick started working for Parking Services on the Pew Campus way back in September 2017. He is in his senior year her at GVSU and is studying Marketing. This past summer, Patrick spent the Fourth of July holiday sailing between Mackinac Island and Beaver Island.

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Marissa started working for Parking Services her freshman year and has DONE IT ALL! She started in Parking Compliance in October 2016 before transferring to the front desk in Allendale. Now, Marissa also works the front desk at Pew. Marissa hopes to graduate in April with a degree in Social Work. Recently, Marissa studied abroad in Guatemala and again in El Salvador. In her free, Marissa... wait... she doesn't have free time. She works three other jobs including one as a camp counselor for children with special needs and two at local hospitals. 

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Rio has worked for the Parking Services Front Desk on the Pew Campus since August 2018. She is a senior this year, majoring in Marketing/Advertising and Public Relations. This last summer, Rio became an aunt, and she couldn't be more excited!

Congratulations, Rio!

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Alysse began working for Parking Services in January 2018 and is currently one of the Lead Parking Compliance Specialists. She is a junior majoring in Biomedical Science with a Nutrition Emphasis. Alysse's favorite part of the job is her co-workers!

Tamy started working for Parking Services in February 2018. She is one of two Parking Operations Compliance Assistants. Fun fact: Tamy is an alumna of GVSU ('04) and was on the GVSU Cheer Team, which is where she met her husband.

In their free time, Alysse and Tamy enjoy watching Christmas movies, listening to Christmas music, and thinking about Christmas trees. Alysse and Tamy would like you wish you a Happy Holidays (in October)!!

Photo Cred: Colleen R.

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In August 2017, Megan started working for Parking Services front desk in Allendale, but she recently transferred to the Pew front desk. She is in her senior year and will be graduating with a Bachelors of Social Work soon!! Megan says, "My favorite part of my job is having a family away from home. Everyone takes care of one another and I feel like I always have a shoulder to lean on if I need one!".

We love you Megan!

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Taehlor began working at the Parking Services front desk in September 2017 and is double majoring in Finance and Marketing. Taehlor's favorite part about working at Pew Parking Services is his co-workers (and his boss Lisa) and meeting students, faculty/staff, and guests that come to the front desk. Last summer, Taehlor traveled to San Diego, California to watch his cousin say "I do".

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