Food 4 Fines FAQ

Each individual may use Food 4 Fines (F4F) on up to two citations. However, F4F cannot be applied to ADA, fire lane, building entrance, or fraudulent permit violations. Citations that have been already been transferred to Student Accounts (more than 10 days old) or Collections (more than 40 days old) cannot be paid using this program.

A tier is a group of items which has been assigned monetary value towards a citation; the value of your donation does not depend on how much you spend.  Each item of one tier is worth the same value.  We value items more depending on their weight.  For example a 10oz. bag of rice is a Tier 1 item ($3) but a 20oz. bag is a Tier 2 item ($5).  We also value healthy donations! Cereal is separated into two Tiers by their sugar content.

Yes. Each item is assigned a tier classification and you may mix and match different values to cover your citation.

It doesn't have to! We will apply the value of your donation towards the citation and you can pay the rest with a credit card.

You may pay your citation via Food 4 Fines at either Parking Services location during scheduled business hours.

No. The donation value is based on the item's tier classification, not the original purchase value.

Yes, as long as the items are individually packaged and can be individually separated and stored. Please remember these items are for individual Lakers. Some multi-item packages count as one item. For example, a four-pack of toilet paper counts as one Tier 2 item, however, a twelve-pack of toilet paper counts as three Tier 2 items.

Toxic charity includes items that are opened, damaged, or expired.

Remember these items are being donated to your fellow colleagues and classmates. You wouldn't want to eat someone's half empty jar of peanut butter with Oreo crumbs in it, would you?

Yes! That's the exact positive impact of Food 4 Fines that we hope to achieve.