Program Description

Students receive additional access to free resources such as tutoring, academic coaching, and specialized courses taught by faculty who support this program. Our advisers and staff are dedicated to working closely with scholars in this program to support but also challenge their development to help make their academic and personal goals a reality.

Mike Messner speaking with a female Grand Valley State University student

Academic Support

Academic Coaching:

  • Students have easy access to an adviser who can help talk through major options, career choices, class registration, and even campus employment.


General Education Courses:

  • Our program has several designated general education courses, taught by outstanding faculty members who are dedicated to helping our students succeed academically. Each section has seats reserved for OWS students to help make registration much easier.


Study Skills Development:

  • This program has study skills coaching to assist students in making sure they have a successful transition to college-level learning.


Specialized Study Groups and Workshops:

  • The program has a weekly study hall on Tuesday nights with tutors and writing consultants readily available to help. We also have various offices like Financial Aid and Housing who will visit to talk about important topics and deadlines students need to be aware of.

Personal Development


  • Students will have a chance to develop relationships with their peers, alumni, faculty and staff during celebrations, social events and outings hosted by the program.


Student Employment:

  • Our program works closely with on-campus employers to secure jobs for our students. We provide professional development and support by helping with resumes, cover letters, and interviewing skills. This can also include helping students to obtain business and professional attire.


Extra Support: