Student Research and Scholarly Work Abroad

Research Compliance and Integrity

If you are conducting any type of research abroad, you should be in contact with the Office of Research Compliance and Integrity (RCI). Although the research is being conducted abroad rather than on campus, you are still held to GVSU standards and must follow guidelines for ethical research.

  • If your research involves humans or animals, you need to have proper authorization and approval.
    • The Human Research Review Committee (HRRC) oversees all research involving human subjects. All research involving human subjects performed by GVSU students and faculty must be reviewed and authorized by the HRRC before beginning the research. For more information on rules and regulations as well as on the application submission process, visit the HRRC website.
    • The Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (IACUC) oversees animal research activities conducted by GVSU students and faculty. For project submission guidelines and information on rules and regulations, visit the IACUC website.

When handling research data in another country, faculty and students must comply with federal laws and guidelines. Information about Export Controls can be found here, including export control policies and developing a technology control plan.

Approval Process

ALL students who are earning credit for research conducted abroad for are required to apply for approval through the Padnos International Center. This applies to any student earning credit through GVSU or an outside institution. If you are not earning credit either through GVSU or another institution, you must register your trip with the Padnos International Center, but there is no approval process necessary.

Earning credit: Padnos International Center Application and Approval Required

Not earning credit: Padnos International Center Application (no approval needed)

Applications can be submitted through the Padnos International Center at:

Travel Considerations

Before traveling, here are some resources to help you prepare for your experience abroad. For more information regarding travel considerations, contact the Padnos International Center.

  • Passport, Visa & Flight
    • All students will need a passport to conduct research abroad.
    • Some students may be required to obtain a visa (entry clearance) prior to traveling. Visa requirements vary by country.
    • Visit here for more information on how to obtain a passport, information on visa requirements, and how to book a flight.
  • Health & Safety
    • For information on student health, safety, and security during international travel, visit here.
    • When considering studying abroad in a country on the U.S. Travel Warning list, please refer to GVSU’s travel warning policy.
  • Knowing your destination
    • Use these resources to learn more about the country where you are planning on traveling. In addition, you should conduct your own research about the country you are visiting.
  • Travel tips
    • For tips on topics such as packing, bringing money, relationships with host families, and being a good representative, visit this link.
  • Policies
    • Before traveling, become familiar with important policies such as academic and financial policies by contacting Elena Selezneva at