The REACH Scholars Program

The REACH Scholars Program prepares inquisitive, highly talented undergraduates to pursue graduate studies and earn PhDs in any discipline. REACH provides layers of support through intensive advising, rigorous research, and scholarly engagement in order to prepare students for both the graduate school application process and academic success. The REACH Scholars Program accepts applications from students who identify social and economic backgrounds that are underrepresented in graduate education, and are not eligible for federally funded grant programs. This includes students with DACA status or who are undocumented.

We are not currently accepting applications for the REACH Scholars Program


The REACH Scholars program provides students an opportunity to engage in an intensive summer experience (either 6 or 12-week). Scholars will participate in mentored undergraduate research and receive programmatic support. Scholars will continue to work with the REACH Scholars support team, even after the summer experience has concluded. The Scholar will work with a mentoring team to create and implement a scholarly action plan that will continue the student’s trajectory to meet their academic and professional goals, success in future endeavors, and additional opportunities to bolster one’s undergraduate experience.

REACH Scholars will receive a scholarship ranging from $1,000-3,000.

In order to be eligible for the REACH Scholars program, students must be from a minoritized population within their discipline and be committed to undergraduate scholar engagement. Students who qualify for federally-funded grant programs are NOT eligible for the REACH Scholars Program.

Contact us at [email protected] if you are interested in and meet the eligibility requirements of the REACH program.

Page last modified November 29, 2023