GVSU Library Scholars Program Faculty Mentor: Preethi Rao (Pree)


Library Faculty Diversity Fellow—Business Liaison
Steelcase Library (Grand Rapids Campus)
(616) 331-7101


I started my role at GVSU Libraries in August 2018. Before then, I was working at University of Waterloo as a project coordinator while finishing up my Master of Library and Information Science degree. I completed my undergraduate studies in Sociology and continue to be extremely interested in Sociology and Philosophy, especially when it comes to my research. I am always looking for ways to apply sociological frameworks to higher education and/or information literacy. Outside of my working life, I love road trips, playing tennis, hiking, and—most recently—whittling.

Research Interests:

  • Student retention as related to student engagement and wellness initiatives
  • Accounting for neurodiversity in developing library resources and services
  • Accessible design, especially in regard to virtual and physical library spaces

Preethi Rao