GVSU Library Scholars Program Faculty Mentor: Matthew Ruen


240 Mary Idema Pew Library
(616) 331-9182


My professional work and research interests focus on removing barriers to scholarly information and education. I am the Libraries’ point person and subject matter expert on the movements for Open Access to academic literature and Open Educational Resources (OER). In both cases, “Open” refers to information—academic literature, or textbooks and other educational materials—that is available online, free to access, and free to reuse, modify, and share in various ways.
I also help students and faculty navigate copyright issues in their teaching, learning, and research.  With colleagues, I promote our library publishing services and the online repository ScholarWorks@GVSU.
I am most passionate about my work with OER, advocating and helping faculty find, use, and create OER. I am closely involved in GVSU’s OER initiatives, as well as Michigan’s statewide #GoOpen campaign, which advocates for OER in K-12 education. My most recent publication and many of my conference presentations are about collaborating across the university to support OER.  I’m also interested in the challenges of improving accessibility for GVSU-created OER and other work.
I have strong opinions about copyright (it’s too strict), vests (they’re great), and the Oxford comma (it is noble, useful, and essential).

See many of my presentations and other projects at bepress

Matthew Ruen