GVSU Library Scholars Program Faculty Mentor: Matthew Reidsma


340 Mary Idema Pew Library
(616) 331-3577

Research Interests:

I study the design and effects of search algorithms, and how they control what kinds of results we are presented with, how that affects what and how we learn, and how systemic societal biases are often reflected in algorithmic outputs. I mostly focus on academic research tools, like the Library Search bar on our homepage or Google Scholar.

I am also a user experience designer, where I use ethnography and observation to learn from students and faculty about how they conduct research, and then design web-based tools to meet their needs. I also focus on design ethics, where I examine designs to see how well they serve different populations and whether or not they marginalize social groups or reinforce systemic societal biases.

I also know a lot about the 1984 Detroit Tigers.

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Matthew Reidsma