GVSU Library Scholars Program Faculty Mentor: Leigh Rupinski


Seidman House
(616) 331-8726
[email protected]


Leigh Rupinski is the Archivist for Public Services and Community Engagement as well as the History Liaison Librarian. In both my roles, she focuses on building primary source literacy skills. One of the reasons she was drawn to archival work is the way it intersects with so many topics and interests (books! art! music! history!), which creates a lot of opportunities for research, projects, and exhibitions. Leigh's research interests are as varied as her day-to-day work. She has published on using social media in special collections and archival work, engaging history of science students with primary source texts written in multiple languages, and hosting an archival collections-based podcast. Leigh loves thinking creatively about how to make archives engaging for all audiences, especially students!

Leigh Rupinski

Page last modified February 1, 2021