GVSU Library Scholars Program Faculty Mentor: Debbie Morrow


240 Mary Idema Pew Library
(616) 331-2618

Research Interests:

I'm a librarian because I'm interested in just about everything! Academically my background is in the social sciences in a very liberal arts setting. Professionally, I spent many years in library systems, when computers in libraries were a new thing. Presently, I provide student and faculty support in Engineering, Computing, Math, and Statistics -- a grouping of disciplines that blend from one into another.

I'm interested in the history of science, including the history of engineering and computing; engineering education; computers in libraries; technology and society interactions; and about anything else that relates to humans and societies in relation to technologies past and present. One ongoing project I've been part of is developing a writing-intensive course focused on technical writing for engineers. How we communicate in the technical disciplines might be a great starting point for something that interests you!

Visit my publications on Selected Works.


Debbie Morrow