Undergraduate Research Council

The Undergraduate Research Council (URC) is an elected University committee which advises and directs undergraduate research at the University, and reviews and approves S3 proposals.

Members of the 2018-2019 URC:

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Meghan Cai [MLL] (2021)
Ian Cleary [BMS] {Sabbatical Substitute}
Kristy Dean (Chair) [PSY] (2019)
Rachel Powers [CHM] (2020)
Steve Schlicker [MTH] (2020)

Seidman College of Business
Leslie Muller [ECO] (2021)

College of Community & Public Service
Brian Johnson [CJ] (2020)

College of Education
Samantha Riggleman [E-T&L] (2020)

Padnos College of Engineering & Computing
Jared Moore [CIS] (2020)

College of Health Professions
David Geenen [PAS] (2021)

Kirkhof College of Nursing
Melodee Vanden Bosch (2019)

Brooks College of Interdisciplinary Studies
Yan Liang [EAS] (2020)

University Libraries
Gayle Schaub (2021)

Student Senate
TBD (2019)

Administration (Provost or designee)
Susan Mendoza, Director, Undergraduate Research and Scholarship [OURS]

Composition: Faculty membership of the URC consists of four members from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, one from each of the remaining colleges, and one from the library. One student representative selected by the Student Senate. The Provost or designee is ex officio, non-voting.

Term: Three-years, staggered for those colleges with two or more representatives, beginning at the end of the winter semester. Student representative term is one year.

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