GVSU Research Approval Process

All student scholars and faculty mentors MUST comply with ethical research standards as defined by the Faculty Research and Development Center. All applicants for S3 grants must indicate on their application whether their research necessitates institutional review. As soon as a proposal is funded, the scholar and mentor should begin the process to secure the appropriate approval. They cannot begin any research until the approval has been obtained.

Human Subjects Review
The Human Research Review Committee (HRRC) is a group of faculty, staff and community members that review research relating to human subjects at Grand Valley State University. Human subject review ensures that the basic rights of research subjects are protected. At GVSU, the HRRC serves as the primary mechanism for the protection of human subjects.

All research involving human subjects performed at GVSU and/or by GVSU students, staff, and/or faculty must be reviewed and approved by the Human Research Review Committee prior to beginning the research.

Follow the steps on the HRRC website.

Animal Research
The Animal Research Review Committee provides oversight in animal research activities at GVSU. The Center's role is to ensure that investigators, research technicians, animal care personnel, and students are properly trained to conduct animal research in a humane manner. The Center ensures that all animal research at GVSU is conducted in accordance with IACUC standards and complies with the Public Health Service policies and USDA animal welfare regulations.

Page last modified October 20, 2014