Application Information

For each S3 participant, the project begins with an innovative and thoroughly researched proposal. Below you will find resources for formulating and revising a proposal.

S3 Application

The Student Summer Scholars (S3) program provides an opportunity for a student and faculty mentor to devote about twelve weeks/400 hours to a research and/or creative project during the spring/summer semester.

S3 Application Page

MS3 Application

The Modified Student Summer Scholars (MS3) program provides an opportunity for lower division or first year transfer students to participate in structured research.

MS3 Application Page

Research Approval Process

You must consider research ethics when submitting your proposal. The research approval process gives information about conducting ethical and approved research.

Research Approval Page

Application Examples

The URC committee has identified a few, quality examples of application sections. All examples have been provided with permission by the authors.

Application Examples

Additional Resources

We have provided a page of quick links and additional resources for prospective and current S3 participants.

Quick Links & Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about the S3 program, the application process, commitments, and more.


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